Our Mission

C2 HomeInspections mission is to provide the highest-quality inspections in Long Island, 5 boroughs, and the Greater NY area.   We succeed at this because of the integrity and deep knowledge base of our 2 inspectors and support staff, our commitment to being respectful and considerate to our clients needs, cutting-edge equipment, and our passion for Continuing Education for learning the newest innovations and keeping current in our industry.

Core Values

Being action-oriented is the capability most often associated with dexterity and resiliency. Being action oriented with a clear sense of purpose, an accurate portrayal of what is happening in the industry, and managing our clients expectations is what sets us apart from the crowd.

C2HomeInspections agrees with the motto “that the only constant in life is change”. Things change, people change, people needs change. No matter how effortlessly things are going, no matter how proficient we are at a given task, things never stay the way they are, nor will they always be a ‘walk in the park’. Adaptability is absolutely necessary in order to be able to handle that change. Some organizations fear change and do whatever they can to avoid it, other organizations see change as an opportunity. C2 Home Inspections welcomes change. Over time we have learned that when a species does not evolve, or adapt to its environment, they perish. We believe the same holds true in business.

Boldness is the opposite of hesitation. Whenever you’re feeling hesitant in interactions with others, or in making a decision for yourself, learn to swallow your pride and make the first move. Do the unexpected. Bold people aren’t afraid of trying new things, and one of the reasons they’re so exciting to be around is that they keep you guessing. Whatever you do, be sure to do it for yourself, not other people. Doing something new and unexpected might make you vulnerable or afraid. Don’t give in to those feelings. Instead, accept the newness of the skill and don’t be afraid to be yourself. Realizing that if you do commit to a client to perform a service, you should follow through. Your sense of self-respect grows, as does other people’s respect for you.

We come to all properties ready to inspect, on time, all the time. We operate in a friendly manner and inspect the job at an efficient pace.

Work is always completed in the highest manner with due diligence towards servicing the clients needs and inspecting a property, in a timely manner.

Our inspection team looks to discover any hazardous conditions, or any conditions/factors that may not be up to industry standards, or may/may not be noticed or considered by the average client.

C2Home Inspections is enthusiastic to be part of such an integral process for our clients. Investigating a home and helping a client achieve their dreams, providing them with great services and benefits, and keeping current in a discovery based and adaptable industry is our passion. Our team is energetic and driven to achieve the company’s mission and exceed our clients expectations above all else.

C2Home Inspections is unwavering in its approach to create and maintain a culture of openness, accessibility, and robust communication. We are dedicated to using every reasonable method to promote effective transparency that will bear its mission to increase and diffuse knowledge to the client.

Each member of C2Home Inspections acts in accordance with professional standards, as well as with honesty, integrity, openness, accountability, and an ever vigilant commitment to excellence. Each team member uses sound judgment and operates in serving the best interests of the client. C2Home Inspections endorses a working environment that values respect, fairness, and integrity towards others.

C2Home Inspections is a people friendly team because we work in a ‘people business’. We enjoy meeting all different types of people, and talking to our clients on a variety of subjects, and especially being privileged enough to have repeat clients.

Your mind is your most valuable asset, and the quality of your career expertise and knowledge and your commitment to continuing education will determine how successful you are. Our team members are committed to lifelong learning. We believe that this premise cannot be emphasized too often. Reading, listening to audio programs/webinars/seminars, and virtual learning. Never forget that the most valuable asset you will ever have is your mind. As you continue to learn, you will eventually become the one of the most valuable home inspectors in the industry.