Past Inspections

Chimney cap is rusted/deteriorated.

Recommended to recaulk/reseal these areas around several skylights.

Exposed wood leads to weathering and wood rot.

Ridge is improperly installed, uneven, and unstable. Improper material was used in installing ridge.

Needs cleaning and re-flashing/re-caulking and removal of organic debris.

Needs cleaning, re-flashing/recaulking, and removal of organic debris.

Garage needs weatherproof seal to prevent rodent and insect entry into the house.

Recommend sealant/caulking to prevent wood rot.

Recommend repairing caulking/sealant where foundation meets slab.

Gutter needs downsprout extender to prevent moisture/water intrusion.

Deterioration of concrete and uneven sloping towards house.

Wood rot under exterior door in backyard.

Exposed wood leading to excess moisture and wood rot on exterior to northeast patio.

Discharge pipe should be further extended to ground.

Improperly sealed area around oil burner unit, at risk for CO leakage. Recommend resealing.

Recommend replacing lightbulb or properly sealing electrical circuit.

Downsprout extender needed.

Minor frayed electrical wires at service drop.

Loose and improperly placed wires, uncovered junction boxes, in oil burner unit room.

Loose and improperly placed wires in oil burner unit room.

Excessive clutter in oil burner unit room, not properly vented.

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