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• Electrical system adequacy (includes removal of main panel cover)
• Heating and cooling system inspection, operation and evaluation
• Basement and foundation structural inspection
• Attic inspection, including insulation (if accessible)
• Hot water tank inspection, operation and evaluation
• Kitchen inspection, includes appliances and laundry room appliances
• Interior room condition
• Roof
• Gutters and Leaders
• Windows
• Siding, Fencing
• Property grading and water drainage
• Energy conservation advise and tips
• Property use
• Landscaping
• Structural damage from wood boring insects and any infestations


In the event that termites are suspected, a professional inspection company will be called for an inspection. Termite inspections typically entail a visual inspection of any insects or organisms that are capable of destroying wood. A termite inspection can take anywhere from a half an hour to more than an hour, depending of the size of the building and how cluttered it may be. Additionally, if there are extra areas to be inspected, such as basements or crawlspaces, the inspection will take longer.

Every homebuyer should request a final walk through prior to closing. This can easily be an opportunity for a necessary and thorough  spot check including last minute items that the seller was suppose to fix prior to closing your purchase. If these items are not fixed, it can delay your closing.

Let us put your mind at ease with a final walk through for your prospective property. We offer this service in conjunction with our full home inspection or we will perform this essential inspection on properties as a stand alone service.

Long Island and New York City Foreclosures are sold by the banks in “as is” condition. This could mean that many of the utilities such as water and electric are turned off. The sellers are the bank and they usually offer no information about the home nor are inclined to turn on the utilities. It is imperative that some form of Home Inspection be performed to protect your investment.

Each property is different. C2 Home Inspections can tailor your inspections to your needs. Time is of the essence in today’s Real Estate market. Foreclosure Inspections usually can be scheduled on short notice and are available 7 days a week.