The Inspection Process

INITIAL CONTACT: The first thing to do is contact us either by telephone at our office at (516) 695-5227 or (917) 270-7526 or fill out a quote request form online.

A VERY THOROUGH INSPECTION: The goal of the inspection is to enable you to learn in detail what you’re planning on buying. Two (2) inspectors will go through the yard, driveway, the entire exterior and then more to the interior of the home together. By performing an inspection this way you will be able to see all of the good points and bad points of the home. This will be an very interactive and positive learning experience. As we advance into the inspection, you will be able to ask any and as many questions as you want, and go over all of the details. The inspection generally takes from two and a half to 4 hours at the home (as long as is needed). This process is an particularly thorough and our goal is to enable you to know more about this home than you did before and leave you with peace of mind about your investment.

OUR commitment IS TO YOU: Throughout the inspection process,-Before, during, and after, you are our client; we are committed to working for you, and only you. We do not work for any of the real estate agents, nor the sellers, nor the attorneys. Our entire commitment is to you as our client.

TRANSPARENT, UNDERSTANDABLE, succinct, AND EASY TO UNDERSTAND REPORT: During the inspection, we will be taking many digital photos and these photos will be in your report, along with a comment to explain in a plain and easy to understand format:

1) What the issue is.

2) What corrective action should be taken to remedy the issue.

3) What could possibly/ likely occur if you choose to not take care of the issue.

CRITICAL AS WELL AS GENERAL MAINTENANCE ISSUES: The report will include the important issues as well as many common maintenance items. For that reason, you can refer to this report periodically in the future to help you prioritize and common maintenance systems/appliances, etc.

CONFIDENTIAL REPORT SUBMITTED TO CLIENT VIA INTERNET: The inspection report is posted on a confidential CLOUD web site. Within 24 hours of the inspection, you can view the report on-line, any day, any time, from anywhere in the world.

ANY QUESTIONS AFTER THE INSPECTION IS COMPLETE: After you receive the report you can contact us at any time if you have additional questions on the report, need further clarification or insight into an issue or topic.